O is for Obstinate!

Likely each of us has run into or has a family member that we describe as obstinate.  We have two children who could fall into this category.  

Never willing to back down on something they believed with all their heart was right, each had a hold on his or her belief as tenacious as that of an octopus on its victim.

ob·sti·nate | adjective

1. firmly or stubbornly adhering to one’s purpose, opinion, etc.; not yielding to argument, persuasion, or entreaty

2. characterized by inflexible persistence or an unyielding attitude; inflexibly persisted in or carried out:obstinate advocacy of high tariffs.

3. not easily controlled or overcome: the obstinate growth of weeds.

4. not yielding readily to treatment, as a disease.

* * *

Perhaps today a few images and quotes on the obstinate nature would be fun as well as informative:

Source: Arthur Mee and Holland Thompson, eds. The Book of Knowledge (New York, NY: The Grolier Society, 1912)
Source: Arthur Mee and Holland Thompson, eds. The Book of Knowledge (New York, NY: The Grolier Society, 1912)

Note the folded arms and stern facial expression.  Definitive of the word “obstinate.”

You could caption this as “I’m not taking another step I don’t care what you say!”
Obstinate doesn’t apply only to humans.

And this little one could have been one of ours, and reminds me of
our four-year old great-granddaughter when her mind is made up!

And a few interesting quotes by and from writers using the word “obstinate“:

Oscar Wilde on obstinate
Oscar Wilde on obstinate
Mary Shelley on obstinate
Mary Shelley on obstinate

and one last from a favorite of mine:

Jane Austen, obstinate headstrong girl
Jane Austen, obstinate headstrong girl

Jane Austen’s words perfectly describe our daughter!

Now you have images and examples of using the word in writing.  So, go write those stories and books!

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17 thoughts on “O is for Obstinate!

  1. Those are such lovely pictures and quotes Sherrey thank you! The one who could have been your granddaughter is the expression on my face judging from photographs of me as a baby! And I like Kathleens’s Observation about the unmet needs and its real link to obstinate – so true!
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

    1. Hi, Susan! And that little girl could have been me too — I was born with a not so weak will. 🙂 Yes, Kathleen’s observation is on point, isn’t it?

  2. Oh Sherrey, you have put a vivid face on obstinate! Just find an unmet need and you’ll find obstinate. We all have our moments but some do have a corner on the market. Thanks for another interesting post. What a delightful series you have going on here!

    1. Kathleen, that you are enjoying these posts is strong affirmation for me that I didn’t start a journey I can’t finish! I wondered when I chose this theme exactly how it would turn out, and I’ve gotten new followers to the blog and lots of positive feedback, including yours. And yes, unmet needs have a lot to do with obstinate!

  3. Lovely images, Sherrey. Some of those descriptions sound a little familiar. Oh well, as you say, we’ve all come across Obstinate before, sometimes by looking in the mirror. Great series; and well done on your win – you’re the star today 🙂

    1. Belinda, I consider yours high praise! Your series during the A to Z has been absolutely amazing. You’ve used your educational background, your coaching background, and life to share with all of us new strategies we can use in whatever we wish to accomplish. Keep it up!

      1. Oh, you’re too kind, my dear; I’m just doing what everybody else does, including you – give of ourselves, hoping to make a (good) difference. Love your stuff…love your energy – go girl!

  4. I love the dog image that goes with this post! I think many of us have come across obstinate people many times. And yes, kids are very good at this! A great post!

    1. Rebecca, finding that photo of the dog more or less sealed the deal on today’s word. 🙂 I imagine everyone has had an obstinate moment or two, or more, in their lifetime.

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