Kvetchers are real characters in the truest sense of the word character.  Kvetchers whine, complain, resent chronically.  After awhile, they leave everyone else on edge.  How to go about developing a kvetcher?  Let’s see if we can offer some insight.

kvetcher | noun

to complain habitually:  — kvetch·er noun

Examples of KVETCH

  1. They’re always kvetching about something.
  2. <a chronically resentful person who seems to look for things to kvetch about>

* * *

Perhaps you personally know a kvetcher.  If so, you’re in luck.   You have the perfect model for kvetching character.

If you don’t know a kvetcher, please read on.

This image is definitely over the top in describing a chronic kvetcher.

And yet, it gives you the image of someone who chronically complains, gripes, kvetches.

They do it about almost everything — job, home life, entertainment, food, dates — and the list could go on.  They get on our nerves, and they can eventually make us unhappy. That is if we allow them to make us unhappy.

Developing this character requires some retrospection about days or times that really made you want to scream, pull your hair out, shake your fist.  If you can move yourself back to this point in time, you’ve got a handle on the kvetcher.  If not, try writing about the image above describing what you believe the female is screaming about at her supposed supervisor, superior, boss, whatever you want to make the male.

After writing for about ten minutes, do you have a feel for kvetching characters?

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