Newsletters – What Makes Them Great

Thanks to Joanne Phillips, author of several high quality mysteries, for a lovely critique of my relatively young newsletter. I owe you!

Newsletters – What Makes Them Great

I just received, in my inbox, a newsletter from author Sherrey Meyer. I read the whole thing, then I read it again, then I opened up this window to write a blog post about it. Sherrey’s newsletter is EXACTLY how a newsletter should be. It is, frankly, brilliant.

So, what makes it so brilliant? First of all, it’s helpful. There is a main article that actually contains useful and workable information that will help me as a writer – and not just as a writer, but in all areas of life. Second, it’s interesting. There is a News section, following on from the article, that tells me the latest news from the world of publishing – I actually want to know about this stuff.

Third, it’s funny: there is a helpful section on grammar with a comic postcard that made me smile; and fourth, it made me think – see the writing quote below. Sherrey mentions her own ebook that will be available soon, but not in an overtly salesy way, and she also links to recent blog posts in case there’s anything there I’m interested in. And there is.

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9 thoughts on “Newsletters – What Makes Them Great

  1. Sherrey, I agree with Joanne and again commend you for creating a loyal following of readers and writers who can benefit from your guidance. We all get so MUCH info that we are grateful to those we can trust to filter it for us. And when you add personality to that mix, you have a winning combo!

    1. Shirley, I suppose I have lived so much of my life without affirmation and praise that this has blown me away. I am humbled by comments from both you and Joanne as well as others. Thanks so much for believing in me!

  2. Kudos to you Sherrey. I wish I knew where you find the time to do all this. I barely have enough time between my writing, my blog, and self publishing and keeping up with publications I subscribe to. Which brings me to my point, I am definitely hitting ‘subscribe’ here! 🙂

    1. I had to chuckle at your comment about finding the time. I’m not sure how it all happens either. I do know I wouldn’t want you to see my house right now!!! Nor will I want you to any time soon. I start a writing class on Wednesday for 10 weeks (one day/week, two hours). What was I thinking? Hope you’ll enjoy the newsletter.

      1. Lol! I hear you on the state of our homes. And wow, you are endeavoring yet one more thing on your list. Good for you! I look forward to your newsletters. Happy week to you! 🙂

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