Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation, motivation, sunrise, light, healing, recovery


As I head out for physical therapy this morning, these are the words I must use to motivate myself to keep on keeping on. What are you facing that is a struggle? This quote could fit many scenarios. Think about it.


Monday Motivation, motivation, therapy, rehab, recovery
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5 Replies to “Monday Motivation”

  1. Patience is crucial. Wishing you the best with PT today, Sherrey.

    1. Thanks, Jill! Just returned home, and it went pretty well. That is if we consider that I’ve been down twice in the last two weeks with a virus keeping me from exercising daily.

      1. Glad PT went well, Sherrey. A lot of people are coming down with bugs. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Good one, Sherrey… Your physical therapy will be worth it all! It did for me–twice! Take good care of you and have a fantastic week! <3

  3. Bette, I appreciate your gracious words and the encouragement in your own experiences with PT.

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