Monday was definitely a Monday. I sat all day and watched patiently for the promised weather forecast–sunbreaks. Yet, they never made a showing. Just one or two would have made all the difference in the world outside my window.

Nothing but gray skies, a chill in the air, reports of freezing fog early morning. None of this aids in ridding oneself of back or leg pain. In fact, it only makes it worse.

Monday’s weather also fed into the slightly depressed, somewhat anxious state-of-mind while you’re awaiting a somewhat complex spinal surgery in a couple of weeks. Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest can bring the happiest soul down a notch or two or more.

The good news is that the weather is looking up–sunny both Thursday and Friday of this week. That is if you believe weather prognosticators!

This post is titled after a 1960s song recorded by The Mamas and The Papas, Monday Monday. However, the subject isn’t quite the same. Nor has this post been recorded by anyone.

Why don’t we end this with a video of The Mamas and The Papas singing Monday Monday: 


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April Westervelt via Flickr
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