Miracles Happen

Watching for signs of spring can reveal miracles happening around us. The helleborus shown above is a miracle. The plant lives through the coldest and darkest nights of winter. Survives the winter rains and often hail and freezing rain. And still near Christmas you’ll find buds forming. Now, as we are in the middle of February, they are blooming. Our plants are full of blossoms! These plants and their blooms represent a miracle in my mind.

They could have succumbed to the harsh winter weather. The cold east wind bringing a tinge of iciness with it. At some elevations, these plants might have received a covering of snow. Yet, they bloom away. Miraculous in their survival.
On December 31st, I met with my pain management physician. He advised I had reached the end of free hemp and would need to buy it on my own. My first order of three 30 mL bottles (a mere 30-day supply) cost me approximately $200. 
My husband pointed out the hemp didn’t appear to diminish my pain level. A grocery shopping trip would find me lasting between 15 and 20 minutes on my feet. Then I had to give up and sit it out until Bob finished on his own. I couldn’t stand long enough to make a meal. I’d pull up my mother-in-law’s kitchen stool to the counter after 15 minutes or so. So many things I haven’t been able to do, and most of it because of pain from a bone harvest in 2001 during my first fusion.
After some discussion and prayer, Bob and I decided I should stop taking the hemp. After all, at that price, why should we buy it if it wasn’t working? So I did. Early in February, I took my last dose of hemp. It was an emotional decision because the hemp seemed to help at first. But, increasing doses didn’t seem to increase the hemp’s effectiveness against pain.
I confess if I leave home I do take a small dose of a prescription pain reliever as a precaution. After spending a couple of hours visiting friends in their home last week, we stopped at the grocery. I actually made it through the store without stopping to sit at all!!!
Yes, I can say I am pain-free now. Since the late 1990s, I have struggled with some kind of back pain. Most have increased in intensity over time. Between spinal fusions, I would have relief and often for long periods of time. Yet, the pain was never totally gone. 
Please don’t ask me what caused this tremendous turnaround. Neither Bob nor I can answer that question. We accept it as a miracle. The Bible tells us that miracles are born of prayer and faith:
Jesus said to her, “Daughter, you took a risk of faith, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed! Be healed of your plague.”

(Mark 5:34, The Message)

Your comments and thoughts are welcome. If you have stories of miracles, I would love to hear them. If you have stories of those who haven’t received a miracle and you wonder why, feel free to share those as well. Sharing stories is important in building community as well as spreading God’s love.


Featured image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

14 thoughts on “Miracles Happen

  1. What joy, Sherrey! A time of renewal and miracles and grace and faith. I can only imagine the relief, and maybe even awe, as you walk through your day without pain. Praise God!

    1. Joy, Linda, describes it perfectly! Your words buoy my spirit even higher. You also mentioned awe, and Bob and I are both standing in awe of God’s work in my healing and recovery. Thanks for your support during these long months.

    1. Shirley, those steps–one at a time–seemed to last forever! But look where they led me. It’s hard to grasp and put my arms around sometimes, but I know that it’s real and a beautiful gift to be feeling so well. Thanks for your support and encouragement along the way.

  2. I am SO happy to hear of your miracle, Sherrey. You are pressing onward, a good thing. I remember my mother using a kitchen stool, so she could prepare simple meals in her happy place.

    My writing mantra seems to apply to your uplifting story: Soli Deo Gloria!
    Thank you!

    1. Happy is a favorite word around this home these days! Kitchen stools were heavily used by our mothers’s generation as well as our grandmothers. I love your writing mantra. Those three words say it all! Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.

    1. Jill, I love your comments, especially the following: “Miracles happen each day. If they didn’t, we probably wouldn’t want to get out of bed each day.” I still look back on the first day I realized there had been no pain. I still remember not being able to believe it!

  3. Yes, Sherrey. Miracles really do happen and you are living proof of it! Such wonderful news. Chronic pain can be debilitating but have faced it with faith and courage.May you continue to have pain-free days. With faith, hope and love to you. You will continue to be in healing-mode. Kathy

    1. Kathy, so good to see you here! And my news is wonderful, isn’t it? It is especially so for Bob and me. I still have much work to do with PT exercises here at home but each day adds new strength. I see my surgeon in a couple of weeks for a one year checkup on things. I hope that things continue to improve for you. You’re in my daily prayers. Blessings, Sherrey

  4. I’m just happy you are feeling better! My husband has chronic back pain and often sits on a stool while cooking. Other than the usual NSAIDS, he’s been trying a CBD salve for pain. It doesn’t really get rid of his pain, but it feels good (a nice warming sensation that relaxes the muscles a bit). It’s expensive so he uses it sparingly. Whatever helps to improve your quality of life 🙂

    1. Marie, I apologize! Don’t know how I missed replying to your comment. I’m so sorry your husband suffers from chronic back pain. But tell him he’s not alone on that stool when cooking! Hundreds of folks do the same. Yes, CBD salve does give a warming, easing of the muscles sensation. AND it, like other CBD products, is very expensive. Did you ever read my 3-part post on writers and chronic pain? I share some tips on what I did to ease pain or get past it that might help your husband even if he’s not a writer. Check out the first part here: https://sherreymeyer.com/chronic-illness-writer/, if you haven’t read the series. And thank you for joining in my celebrating my freedom from pain.

      1. Oh, no need to apologize, Sherrey 🙂 Time gets away from me (at least, that’s what it feels like) and comments fall through cracks. Thanks for the link to your posts on writers and chronic pain!

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