This post was first published on September 26, 2012.  Since I am taking a few days away from the office, I thought I’d share this one with you again.  These are all good resources for someone interested in memoir writing.  And when I return this is a post I need to update with some new finds.

The word “memoir” is everywhere today, and everyone is telling their story — or at least a central and important part of their life’s story.

Everyone has memories, which often are good storytelling material.  So, don’t be daunted by the number of memoirs you find on bookstore shelves or at the library.  There is always room for another well written memoir.

BUT where do you find the tools to make sure your story catches the reader’s interest?

A few of my favorite places:

1.  Amber Lea Starfire’s web site, Writing Through LifeAmber Starfire utilizes journaling, memoir, and art to instruct her readers in the practice of telling your life story.  Additionally, she offers a free weekly ezine to keep you informed about what’s going on in the genre.  Also, Starfire offers workshops and individualized instruction.

2.  Jerry Waxler’s site, Memory Writers NetworkNot only is Jerry Waxler an author, speaker and teacher, he is a specialist in self-development for writers.  His blog includes book reviews, articles, essays and author interviews, as well as many resources.  Additionally, Jerry serves on the Advisory Board of National Association of Memoir Writers.  Jerry’s books are in my list of suggested writing resources.

3.  Sharon Lippincott’s site, The Heart and Craft of Life Writing. Here is a gold mine of information.  Sharon is also a member of the Advisory Board for National Association of Memoir Writers.  Sharon’s blog offers tips, observations and guidelines for life writing as well as many resources that will aid the memoir writer in developing into a successful storyteller.  Sharon’s books are in my list of suggested writing resources.

4.  Linda Joy Myers’ site, Memories and Memoirs, is a great resource for memoir writers of all stages.  Linda Joy is a writing coach, teacher and memoir guru.  She offers workshops and as founder and the energy behind the National Association of Memoir Writers is among the top proponents of memoir writing in the world.  Her site will introduce you to many facets not only of learning about memoir writing but will give the necessary tips and tools to move forward.  Linda Joy’s books are also listed in my suggested writing resources.

5.  National Association of Memoir Writers (“NAMW”) is “a membership organization for memoir writers from all over the world.”  NAMW exists to connect, educate, and empower memoir writers to begin to tell their stories and eventually complete those works with a culmination in publication.  NAMW’s site is replete with resources for the novice to the accomplished memoir writer.  I urge you to visit the site and avail yourself of its many offerings.  Once you’ve become familiar with the site, I think you, as I did, will see the value behind membership if you are serious about writing memoir.

This list is just a start but I believe these sites are the best starting points for the novice and the foundation on which advanced writers come to rely.

I will continue to offer more resources as I continue posting to this blog, but do hope you have found today’s listing helpful.