Today’s post begins a series bringing you a sampling of the memoir writing resources I have uncovered as I write my memoir. I hope what I share will be helpful and perhaps help you in finding a resource that makes a difference in your journey as a memoir writer.

* * *

Early in my digging for helpful resources to begin writing my memoir, I came across something called The Memoir Project in a Google search.

I clicked on the link and began my investigation of The Memoir Project site. I discovered that the site is an aggregate of memoir writing tips and tools from the site’s owner, Marion Roach Smith. Additionally, I found that Smith is the author of a companion book by the same title, The Memoir Project: A Thoroughly Standardized Text for Writing & Life.

To be honest, I always research a book I’m tempted to purchase by checking it out at my local library. And I did so with The Memoir Project. The book intrigued me enough that I bought it and keep it on my desk.

What I found as the premise for Smith’s teachings and personal beliefs about writing is best summed up in the following quotes taken from her introduction:

So let’s begin together, literally on the same page, and with a tacit agreement that from this moment on, we will write no exercises; we will write for real. With a goal.
. . .
When you write memoir, you’ll be writing what you know.
. . .
From this minute forward, your intent is to write with purpose.

A short book at 112 pages Smith provides, I believe, a good overview of writing memoir. For me, both the website and book have become meaningful resources for my writing.

In addition to being an author and teacher of memoir writing, Smith also maintains a blog and provides a manuscript editing service.

I encourage you to check out The Memoir Project site and the varied resources available as well as take a look at the book, which is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound, or perhaps your local library shelves it.

There are many valuable resources available for memoir writers. The Memoir Project is just one. So I urge you to find resources that feel like a good fit for you. There is no one perfect resource that fits every writer.

Do you have a favorite memoir writing resource or resources?

If so, I hope you’ll share them in a comment below.

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