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Medical Hiatus

February 25, 2019

Beginning March 6, 2019, the blog will go dark for a while as I take a medical hiatus. After a long wait, insurance has finally approved the surgery recommended by my spine surgeon. This will entail the repair of a failed fusion from 2011 as well as stabilizing a couple of other areas.

As I come closer to the surgery date, I’m finding that the words don’t come easily these days. Whether or not I post anything else before March 6th is still a question unanswered. However, I didn’t want to go marching off for the hospital gown and socks uniform without letting you know I’d be away.

According to everything I’ve been given to read, recovery will require three to four days in the hospital with six to eight weeks following that at home. 

Those who believe in prayer are welcome to offer up prayers for calm hands and minds for my surgeon and his team, for peace and calm for me as I prepare for my surgery, and for a solid recovery.

If you want to be in touch during recovery, you can always use my Contact page to send a note. I’d love to have “mail” to read.

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    1. Jill, so you’re someone who truly understands! The worst of this surgery is that it’s to repair a failed fusion done in 2011 plus some additional stabilization. The body’s wearing down but I’m definitely not done yet. Thanks for your prayers. We’re strong believers in prayer in our home.

  1. It’s been such a long road for you, Sherrey. May this surgery and your time of healing from it bring you spiritual and physical renewal. God’s speed, my dear friend❤️

    1. Dear friend, you know the frustration and dismay of the long roads when it comes to our health. Thanks for your gracious words. I’m looking forward to “spiritual and physical renewal.”

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