Lesson Learned . . . Again!

Another day of computer drama that actually started last night with Word not wanting to open.
It isn’t that I didn’t know to do this.  It’s just that this new laptop has worked so beautifully and faithfully . . . I forgot.

Yes, it has an automatic backup feature, as does my Norton software.  And my Scrivener backs up there too. But have you ever looked at some of the file names they use?  They don’t look anything like the file name you assigned!

So, bumping right along trusting my new Lenovo, I forgot (yes, I said it — I forgot!) to back up my files to a flash drive I keep handy for said purpose.  Then, when in need and stumped by technology’s prowess, I can open documents on the second computer in our home, dubbed Old Faithful.

But . . . I forgot!  And therefore spent a couple of hours trying to open Word to get at my A to Z Blog Challenge calendar that I’ve laid out so beautifully for my posts in April.  No success!

So this morning I trekked off to spend my coffee hour with my friendly geeks at the Geek Squad.  And wouldn’t you know, this Lenovo behaved just like a car does when you take it to the mechanic.  A few upgrades ran just as soon as my geek turned it on, then it configured itself, and voila, Word opened every time he tried it!!!  I wanted to curse at that laptop but restrained myself because I need it on a day-to-day basis.

lessons learned
lessons learned
  • Always, always, always backup your files and documents!!!
  • Never expect any piece of equipment or technology to be infallible.
  • Treat yourself to a Geek Squad geek when needed, rather than stay up and lose sleep trying to figure out computer problems on your own.
  • Take a tip from your friend, Kathy Pooler, who said in a recent guest post, “Even though we live in a digital world, I still feel the need to make hard copies of my work,” and instead of giggling at the thought, perhaps hard copies have not become archaic yet!!!

12 thoughts on “Lesson Learned . . . Again!

  1. I have automatic backup with my modem, (its a Mac thingy, don’t know what it is called) but I also periodically send updates of my novel to my Gmail account. I have a hard time with flashdrives–remembering to use them and keeping track of them.

    1. Charlotte, using Gmail or another free email account is a good idea. Someone else suggested using Google Drive or one of the other cloud services. I’ve received some good input by posting this! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I don’t make hard copies but I do have my most important work saved on both a flash drive and an external hard drive. Recovery shouldn’t be too difficult should the worst happen. Knock on wood that it won’t. I’ve been using Google Drive for a few things too. It’s saved on a cloud drive which is a nice option.
    Nice to know the Geek Squad is there if we need them. I applaud you for being a legal secretary. I worked for a law firm before I quit work to have kids. I don’t know how you did it with an IBM Selectric. I worked in the accounting department and still had to use a lot of White Out. (Which firm did you work for? Was it in Portland? I worked for what was then Spears, Lubersky, Campbell & Bledsoe right down on 5th and Yamhill.)

    1. Hi, Grace! Good to “see” you. I keep my flash drive handy and we have an external hard drive, and it seems everyone has a cloud to store things in these days. 🙂 The firm I worked for was in Portland. First I was with Schwabe Williamson, then moved to Miller Nash and lastly spent the most of my years with Perkins Coie. Retired from there. I knew a couple of people at Spears. Did you ever know a Sandy Peterson and a Helen Lyman? Working for law firms is strenuous and stressful! Perhaps that’s why I enjoy writing for my own reasons! HA!

  3. oh I know so well about the computer not doing what I want it to do!Your blog/s look great – will check them when there is time. found you by looking at the blogs more or less around mine on the A-Z April challenge. No badge up on yr page? Does this matter? I had to get help from my son 1200 kms away to help me set it up after some real difficulties. I note though that on the side bar you say about A-Z.
    I don’t know if I am naive but I understand that I can’t lose anything when using a Mac? I must check that out – I sort of think/believe that Mac automatically backs everything up? Sounds too good to be true …
    I look forward to reading some of yr previous posts … up my avenue … thank you.

    1. Susan, so nice of you to take time to read and comment. Thanks for the reminder to get my A to Z badge up! Macs are famous for their protective capabilities. A brother-in-law was a fan of Macs and that was one feature he always bragged about. 🙂

  4. LOL, Sherrey, yes, I still need to hold hose hard copies in my hands! I can certainly relate to your angst over computer glitches. Appreciate the hard-earned lessons learned and the link.Thanks and may your days be glitch-free:-)

    1. When I left the law firm in 2006 to never see a pleading or set a court date again, I pushed away all the paper I’d handled in 35 plus years of legal work. I suppose I decided that I had perfect control in a much smaller network — two computers here compared to the nearly 1,000 in our wide area network. Not so confident now! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed.

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