It was just the way he walked, with that self-assured, cocky stance that said he

was in control. Or was it his ready smile and quick wit that reminded me

of his father? Vern’s comment made me realize that Brian was

not just another normal kid, like Vern’s kids were.

He was Ed’s son. It was just the way he walked.

Just the Way He WalksIn her second memoir, Kathy Pooler tackles two difficult issues in her life. She refers to poor personal choices made in her marital life. These choices affected not only the author but also the lives of her children, Brian and Leigh Ann. Here she tells the story of her son Brian’s addiction and her simultaneous battle with cancer. It is a love story, one filled with hope and healing.
Concerned about Brian’s addiction, Pooler worries Brian will end up like his father, Ed. This is a common worry among parents of children in a marriage or partnership with an addicted partner. But how to watch and
help turn a person away from what another presents as normal?
Pooler tries as hard as a parent can try to help Brian, but we all know the various emotional stages of growth. The “I’m wholly knowledgeable” teen years, the “I’m an adult now” years, and the “I don’t need you in my life any more” years. How does a single parent cope with knowing a child is struggling with addiction of any type? Coping with this problem alone is difficult, as Pooler shares in Just the Way He Walked. She holds back nothing.
The strength of her faith is a bolster for her hopes and desires to help Brian. Helpful is a stepfather willing to step up and help Pooler with both battles. Pooler shows how at times we have to let someone step in to help through strengths we may not have. She shares her use of journaling, belief in prayer, and strong faith—a powerful toolbox.
Pooler’s memoir is well written. Her story is written with others in mind trying to help a family member or friend struggling with addiction. Descriptions of her emotions are honest and painful for the reader. But, we must expect reality to shine through in a tough story such as this.
In the synopsis of Just the Way He Walked, Pooler shares the goal in writing this book:

The message of resilience and faith in the face of insurmountable odds serves

as a testament to what is possible when one dares to hope.

I recommend Just the Way He Walked to those looking for the hope of helping an addict to turn his or her life around.
It is rare that I give a 5-star rating to books I review. Yet, often I make exceptions as I have done with Pooler’s new memoir. It is indeed a 5-star book.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review and nothing more. Opinions expressed here are solely mine.
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    1. Thank you, Jill, for your kind words. You will find Kathy’s book a missive of hope and faith for not only her life and health struggles but for those of us experiencing a struggle here and there.

  1. Sherrey, great review! I also reviewed Kathy’s new book and was able to post it on Goodreads and Rifflebooks but not on Amazon. I’m puzzled by that!

    1. Sweet Marian, thank you! I saw your review on Goodreads but was surprised to see only one other review on Amazon. Have you checked with Amazon? Of course, how do we know who to call at that BIG place? If you attempted to post before they had added the book, it would have stopped you. But I’m guessing you tried after receiving Kathy’s email. Curious indeed!

  2. I responded on there “help-community” page, but did not hear back. I had another issue with them earlier with another reader unable to post a review for me and got no response. Yes, I have tried several times after Kathy’s “live” posting. (Heavy sigh!!)

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    Again, I wish YOU all the best in resolving your issue, very wearing on the spirit!

    1. Customer service or “support” has ceased to be helpful or warm in most instances. I have had experiences similar to yours where the “someone” either spoke more of a foreign language than I could understand or had some other problem with explaining things to me. Thanks for the good wishes in resolving my glitches!

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