“I can’t decide,” sighed the child.“How hard can it be — either chocolate or vanilla!”

“But  I can’t decide.”

UNDECIDED .  Haven’t we all felt undecided.  Making decisions is not always easy, even if it’s something as simple as the ice cream flavor we want.  Life decisions are even harder.

And harder yet is portraying that undecided character.  Body language plays a role here along with the dialogue for this character.  Think of someone wavering or vacillating, back and forth between choices.

undecided | adjective

1. not decided or determined.
2. not having one’s mind fully made up.
Synonyms:  indecisive, fluctuating, wavering, vacillating, irresolute.

* * *

Writing dialogue for the undecided character is simpler than building an image of that character in the reader’s mind.  The answers of the undecided character easily come to mind.  Look at the options in this image.

But it’s the person, the character the writer wants to breathe life into.  Characteristics that come to mind are:

  • scratching the head
  • looking up while holding the chin
  • an expression of confusion or perplexity
  • agitation shown by pacing or walking around

Images may help portray body language:


If stumped when writing, always search for images such as these and print them out. Tack them on the wall or stand them against something on your desk and use that image to spur your imagination and creative juices along in the development of your undecided character, or any character for that matter.

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