Hey Mom!

Hey Mom!

I knew immediately who was calling—the dinner hour, traveling for work, alone, no one else to talk to. It had to be our older son, Craig. At 48, he still called home when he needed to talk or ask a question. Your kids may grow up but in some instances, they never grow away.
At the dinner table, I put the phone on speaker so Bob could hear. 
Hey Craig! What’s up?
He began by reminding me he was in Eastern Oregon on business and happened to be in Pendleton. A town with which we have a little travel history from our trip moving to Portland. We drove cross-country with two dogs and a cat. Our itinerary had planned stops in interesting places. At age 12, Craig had much he could learn by traveling 2200 miles from Tennessee to Oregon. One stop brought us to Pendleton, a rodeo town full of cowboys and interesting places and people.
Mom, can you remember the name of the hotel we stayed in?
I couldn’t and neither could Bob so Craig continued with his description of the place in question.
It’s the place we stayed and when we went down to the restaurant for dinner, we sat by the window. There was a sidewalk there, and I looked out the window and saw this guy walk into a lampost. Then he turned around and walking in the opposite direction, he stopped and peed on the post! Remember how hard we laughed?
No doubt we remembered the story Craig was sharing. We had to work hard to calm ourselves down to stop drawing the attention of other diners.
Amazing as it seemed, Craig remembered that night. His recollections were detailed and as funny as the time it happened.
As a family, we have many memories from that cross-country trip in 1983. And it was gratifying to have your son call to share one with you. Maybe it’s one of those forever memories I talked about in a post several days ago. A memory you’ll never forget and have ready to tell your kids or grandkids someday.


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10 thoughts on “Hey Mom!

  1. We have a son the same age, full of compassion and empathy. He usually calls us when he needs something: help with the boys when his wife is traveling, etc. I invited them over for a ham dinner on Saturday. It was nice to “talk” without texting.

    I love how Craig connects you to memories. And I like the Dr. Seuss quote at the end, one I had not heard before. Thanks, Sherrey!

    1. I much prefer “talk” without texting. You are a good mom to invite them for a ham dinner. Our sons are always special, no matter what they need/want, aren’t they?

      Glad you enjoyed the Dr. Seuss quote. Thanks for stopping by, Marian!

    1. It’s a good feeling when your grown up kids still want to talk to you. While I was in rehab after my surgery, Craig called almost every day; some travel days weren’t possible.

  2. Tonight I went out to dinner with my husband, had a glass of iced tea and suddenly I was back at my grandmother’s house in San Antonio, drinking iced tea from a pitcher in her dining room! Amazing how so many things can trigger our memories. A pleasure from the past!

    1. Martha, what a sweet and special memory! Our memories are often transportive, and I find that to be such an important part of our story and its impact on our lives.

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