Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday morning we sat at the breakfast table reading our morning devotional and sharing morning prayers. Our local classical radio station played in the background. I heard the on-air host announce the next song, Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles. The song was written by George Harrison while walking through Eric Clapton’s garden.

I looked out the window beside our table and there it came—the sun shining through our trees leaving dappled sunlight here and there. What a beautiful start to our day!

Usually, the rain sticks around Portland well into May but this winter has been different. It seems winter has been different almost everywhere. To experience sunlight during the wettest, darkest season of our year is a gift. Like this song by George Harrison.

Wishing you sunny days ahead!



Feature image attribution: FotoRieth from Pixabay

14 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. I love that song. Yesterday would have been George’s birthday. I heard that Here Comes the Sun has the most downloads of any Beatle songs.

    1. Joan, I had other plans for today’s post, but when I experienced the music and sunrise yesterday, plans changed. I immediately thought of you, my dear Beatle fan. The article I linked to told a fascinating story of the origin of this big hit. Did you have the time to take a look?

      1. I read your post on my phone this morning and didn’t have a chance to look at the link. Just read it. I didn’t know a lot of those things. There’s a You Tube video of Paul Simon, Graham Nash, and David Crosby singing the song as a tribute to George. The harmony is fantastic. (George was my favorite Beatle.)

        1. George was my favorite too. I’ll check out the You Tube video you mention. There were many things I didn’t know at that link, and I loved the fact that George used Eric Clapton’s acoustic guitar to play and develop the first lines of Here Comes the Sun. The Beatles’ music is, IMHO, classic and beautiful.

  2. As soon as I clicked on your link and saw the song title, I heard the melody in my head. It’s drizzling in the Sunshine State now, so the tune will brighten my afternoon. Thanks, Sherrey!

    1. Sweet Marian, the Sunshine State isn’t supposed to drizzle or rain. However, I’ve been there during some pretty hefty rainstorms. Isn’t it amazing how our minds work? Hear a music title and immediately the mental musical machine flips on. Glad the tune is brightening your afternoon.

  3. I LOVE that picture of the woods. Is that your yard? It reminds me of our backyard in Pittsburgh at rare summer moments, except that your ground is flat and ours sloped up at a 30° angle. I wish we had traded our sunshine for your rain. Instead we’re just sharing, and I hope you can soon share rain, which we direly need down here in Austin.

    1. No, dear Sharon, that’s not our yard, but looks quite similar. It is reminiscent of photos you’ve shared of your Pittsburgh property. I wish you had some of our rain; I’ve been reading reports of the need for rain in Austin and other areas. The weather has indeed been at odds with its usual seasonal schedule in many areas. Sending my wishes for showers!

        1. I hope you find an opportunity to return to visit Portland again. I’ve lived here since 1983 and never looked back at leaving my previous home state.

  4. The sun makes such a difference in how we feel! We had a beautiful sunny morning but the gray has taken over now. It’s good to know that there’s no holding the sun back for long though.

    1. Linda, my friend, I thought of you as I wrote this one. You covered in snow, and me sharing my sunny morning experience. To make it even, I’ll let you know that we had drizzle this morning. But as you said, there’s no holding the sun back for long. It broke through the clouds and drizzle not long after lunch today.

    1. Thanks, Jill. We tend to forget we have a variety of ways to bless others with a little sunshine here and there. And it brings us joy when we do it.

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