A few days ago I mentioned to Bob the stresses we have all borne during the pandemic. And now we’re watching the destruction of people and their cities in Ukraine.
Then we saw this photo (above) on our grandson’s Facebook page. What a heartwarming moment that was! They live in Tennessee, and we’ve never held that little girl or seen her in person. Photos and videos become treasures in an instant!

Quite often coming up with a blog topic is difficult or near impossible, but not this time. That image offered up what we all need, what I call heart warmers.
I started thinking of things that I had encountered. Things that have been heartwarming during all this stress and tension. Here’s my list of heart warmers:
  • A 2021 Christmas gathering on Google Duo with our son and his family. A pandemic Christmas heart warmer.
  • On the drive to our doctor’s office, we go through a small rural area. One farm offers us a view of their alpacas. What makes the alpaca such a cute animal? The smile they wear, the image of a cuddly creature, maybe just because? Whatever the reason, those alpacas are heart warmers.
  • Signs of spring are always heart warmersOn a sunny afternoon, we spontaneously chose to lay aside our chores and go for a drive in the country. Despite the cold breeze blowing that day, the sunlight made for a cheerful outing. Along the way, we saw camellias in bloom as well as bunches of daffodils here and there. Trees were budding out and will likely be in full bloom soon.

  • Our weather here in the Pacific NW is still somewhat chilly in the early morning and late evening. Bob is our fire builder and he does a great job at warming up the living end of our home. On those chilly, gray days, a fire in the family room fireplace is a real heart warmer.

  • On March 13th, The Metropolitan Opera performed a special concert supporting the Ukrainian people. Our local radio station, All Classical Portland, live-streamed the concert. Although they had only five days of rehearsing, this performance was truly a heart warmer.

What heart warmers have you experienced recently? Perhaps you have shared a heart warmer with someone else. Won’t you share one or more in the space below?
Wishing you days filled with heart warmers,