Every classroom has one.  We’ve all met one.  And likely we’ve seen them on the movie screen.  Each with his or her own set of tricks.

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jocular | adj.

given to, characterized by, intended for, or suited to joking or jesting; waggish; facetious

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Fenimore Cooper.  College freshman when I was a sophomore.  Fenimore was the life of every party, even class time, and in the student union Fenimore led the laughter, the pranks, set the tone. 

Fenimore was jocular.  He was our joker.  If a classmate was having a dark time or a down day, Fenimore was the prescription to lift the spirits.  Loved by all, revered by many.

Fenimore was our resident “court jester.”

And then there’s the Joker, the one with the capital “J.”  Batman’s archenemy since 1940 when he first appeared in the comic book series.

Not exactly executing with Fenimore’s style his jocular personality, this Joker managed to exude a sense of evil and attempts to undo the role of others.

The Joker portrays the darker side of the jocular personality.

If you’re writing a story which includes a jocular personality, you get to choose which traits he or she possesses.

For a list of synonyms to help you out, go to Dictionary.com.

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