Gratitude While Cocooning

With plenty of time on my hands, my mind runs to thinking on gratitude. What I’m grateful for in our cocooning.
We decided to substitute “cocooning” for “sheltering in place” and “quarantining.” The genesis of cocooning is a statement shared in our church’s weekly men’s Bible study group. I’ll share the entire quote in a moment.

Here’s what I’m grateful for this past week:

  • Shelter and food to eat plus clean water to drink.
  • Being stranded in the middle of Meyer Woods with the man God blessed my life with almost 39 years ago.
  • Health and welfare of our three children and their families.
  • A long drive in the countryside to see what Spring is up to, and she’s up to a lot!
  • Frontline workers in Portland, OR, who show up every day putting their lives at risk to care for others.
  • A Facebook group providing a place to seek help and receive it in these times. The group name is Pandemic Partners-SE Portland.
  • Neighbors who check on us; a couple next door and another couple behind us.
  • A phone call from Rivers East Village checking in to see that we’re doing OK. (Also see Village to Village Network.)
  • Reaching out to others in our community to check on their needs.
  • Continuing recovery of a dear friend after a serious skiing accident two weeks ago.
All these things for some reason stand out in greater light than usual. That’s because there are so much tragedy and uncertainty around us. The stress and tension have a tendency to bring our senses into sharper focus.
How much longer will we need to follow the guidelines issued by the various levels of government? We don’t know. But one thing is sure, and it is in the words spoken by a dear friend on Wednesday morning:

Quarantining is like being cocooned. We are waiting mostly in the dark,
and we don’t know what form we will take when we emerge.

But I imagine it will be beautiful beyond our imagining.


Take these words with you and while cocooning, think on those things for which you are grateful.


Featured image: Ronny Overhate from Pixabay


9 thoughts on “Gratitude While Cocooning

    1. Jill, your words “Now seems like the perfect time to reflect on those things” echo my thoughts. And likely the catalyst for this post. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Beautiful, Sherrey! I love the term cocooning which foretells hope for better things to come.Living in gratitude is a gift we give ourselves. When we focus on what’s working, we don’t have time to waste our energy on what’s not working. Thank you my friend for your very comforting words. Blessings to you.

    1. Oh, Kathy, thank you for your gracious words. We fell in love with that term cocooning too. The moment we heard what had been said at the men’s breakfast we decided we’d start using that word. You’re absolutely right when you say, “When we focus on what’s working, we don’t have time to waste our energy on what’s not working.” I’ve been trying to do that and writing this post spurred me on. Blessings and comfort to you.

  2. Sherry, I loved this so much that I want to quote your church’s weekly men’s Bible study group quote by using my Microsoft word and create a background for it and post it on my Facebook page. Would you allow me to do that? I will send you a copy of it when I finish it and you can decide if it would be alright.

  3. I’m joining many of your friends who’ve gathered here, including Charlene with an appealing offer. I too write in my gratitude book everyday. Nowadays sometimes twice.

    My list looks a lot like yours. In a few days I can also look forward to a workout online with my Pilates friends and my writers’ group meeting – all made possible by the app Zoom! 🙂

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