Creative Commons | AJ McCann
Creative Commons | AJ McCann

Hello, Feedly!

I knew it was coming. Media sites published fair warning. Blogging experts offered lists of alternatives. Why wasn’t I ready???

Last week I realized July 1st was soon upon us, and the demise of Google Reader loomed on the horizon. I had not been diligent in getting ready for migration to another reader.

Over time I had subscribed to a number of blogs via email thinking I’d follow awhile and then, if I was receiving value and community participation, I would move those blogs to Google Reader.

Not so. Didn’t happen. I got in the habit of deleting email notices from the ones I didn’t want to read. That became a chore.

And then there were the ones I really enjoyed and received great value from reading. Well, I hadn’t moved those either.

Yes, the migration should have been seamless . . . had I been maintaining Google Reader and eliminating dead blogs, ones that no longer interested me, worse yet the ones that never commented back. Yet another thing amiss in my sometimes organized life. I wasn’t purging my reader.

Yesterday Feedly, my new reader of choice, and I had a party. I went through everything that had magically appeared in Feedly from Google Reader. Then I entered into Feedly the feeds I want to read on a regular basis, and unsubscribed as an email recipient of those.  As a part of my sometimes organized life, I did get these feeds arranged in categories for ease of reading.

If you haven’t yet looked into using Feedly, I urge you to take a look. Many features are like Google Reader, and new ones step up the efficacy of Feedly. Via this link you can read a helpful list of tips for Google Reader users migrating to Feedly.

Happy reading!