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Sherrey Meyer, Author of Healing Benefits of Writing Your Own Story

Healing Benefits of Writing Your Story, 2016 edition

My free ebook was first offered in 2014 and has recently in the last few months been edited to make some minor corrections. I also wanted to include my experience with becoming too entrenched with your memories when working day-to-day on your writing and/or revisions and editing. It is my hope that my experience will help others.

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Self-editing Infographic

Self-Editing Made Easy – Infographic

Self-Editing Made Easy is an infographic compilation of five simple editing tips to get you started with self-editing.

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Infographic Here

Blog Post Checklist

your ultimate BEFORE & AFTER blog post checklist

This checklist grew out of my need to make sure I was covering all my bases before and after I posted to my blog. It helps a great deal to have all the little, nit picky bits gathered together to ensure they all are taken care of.

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Best Blog Post Checklist