Around the same time I experienced computer problems, Microsoft in its great wisdom notified my husband he was due to receive an update. This is routine for Microsoft, but not for a user who is a designer using computer-aided drafting software. The problem? The drafting software and Microsoft aren’t compatible.

The moment the update is completed something goes wrong with the drafting software. This sets fear in the heart of people like Bob. A few days passed by, and for some unknown reason his problem cured itself.

Fearing that turning off his computer would leave the door open to Microsoft, he opted to leave the computer on. All goes well for a few days and nights.

Then one morning Bob enters his office to a mystery. During the night, someone had obviously been at his computer. There were hints in the form of typed words consisting of jumbled letters. Screens popped up that were unusual. And more, I’m told. The big question was who or what had been at the keyboard.

The only other souls in our home at night are Iggy and Maggie, our cats. Now, I know Maggie loves a keyboard. She prances across mine often enough. Occasionally, she sends me into darkness. I’ve never had the pleasure or joy of Iggy joining me at the computer. He’s more of a guy cat. I understand he has been up and around Bob’s computer checking out various cubbyholes and shelves.

We’ve decided one or the other of the cats or perhaps a feline spirit danced across Bob’s keyboard that night. Often, we wonder what Iggy and Maggie get up to while we’re sleeping, and they’re off wandering around the house. Animal cams are under consideration.

Image disclaimer: The cats sitting on the window sill are not Iggy and Maggie. They are not inclined to get too close to each other. In fact, it would be impossible for us to capture an image of the two of them this close. However, the posture of the cats above is almost identical to ours.

Featured image attribution: Chen Zhao on Unsplash