Last Friday we had scheduled a vet appointment for our cat, Maggie. As usual, Maggie took up her place on the end of the sofa in our family room. We sat down to breakfast and our morning devotional and prayers. When I got up from the table, I took note that Maggie was still napping on the sofa.
Some 25 minutes before we had to leave, I didn’t realize Bob had brought in the pet carrier from the garage. Nor did I notice that Maggie was gone from her post on the sofa. Suddenly I heard Bob ask where Maggie had gone. Who knew?
Getting Maggie into the carrier hasn’t been a problem before. This time it wasn’t going to hold true.

We looked in every place where she goes if she leaves the family room. Maggie wasn’t sleeping on our bed nor was she sleeping in my office chair. She hadn’t taken up her resting place under an antique sewing machine in my office. Even though all closet doors were closed, we opened and checked as this is a favorite hiding place. Speaking of hiding places, Bob checked under our bed. No Maggie there either.
At this point, I looked at my watch. It was almost 10:00 a.m., Maggie’s appointment time. No other choice was available other than to call and cancel. The young woman answering my call asked if we received the new policy notification. We had not. She explained canceling less than four hours before the scheduled time incurs a $75.00 fee.
My stubborn streak kicked in. I pointed out that (1) we had not received the notice, (2) had a good history with the clinic, and (3) could not present the cat. Could the fee be waived? She checked and advised the fee was waived and rescheduled our appointment.
Some four hours later, Maggie sauntered into the family room. She came from a direction unusual to her ordinary route. We still haven’t figured out exactly where she came from. But from the smug look on her face, we could hear her thinking, “I WON!”
What Maggie doesn’t know is that Bob has a new plan all set for Wednesday. We are once more scheduled to see the vet. For now, the score sits at Maggie 1, Bob 0.
Have a purrfectly fine day,