The gray skies of winter have officially descended on the Pacific Northwest.  With those skies come not only rain, sometimes snow, and occasional freezing rain, but also what I call the doldrums.  Hard to wake in the mornings, unmotivated throughout the days, longing for sunlight.

Add to all this the fact we live under approximately 25 old-growth Douglas firs. Our home is dark most days requiring artificial lighting from morn until night.

Consider we’ve entered the third year of the pandemic. And news reports predict increasing prices on food, gas, and other goods. Many of us thought we’d come through the worst of the pandemic only to meet the variants, Delta and now Omicron. For some, it means a return to mandated safety guards, such as masking and proof of vaccination. For others, it ends in a positive test leading to illness and sometimes death. The pandemic’s history and current story paint another dark picture weighing on us, much like the darkness of our winter.

By some streak of good fortune, Saturday morning dawned gloriously bright. As I sat in our family room with its two large windows, I was startled when the sun’s position sent delightful light streaming through the windows. The mere sight of sunlight casting its wondrous beams into our somewhat darkened room lifted my soul up from the doldrums. It was definitely a startling delight when the room went from artificial lighting to solar lighting! 

It’s amazing what a little thing like a stream of light coming into your home can do to brighten what started as a dark day! The things I mentioned above dragging me, and perhaps you, down became so much lighter. Has a stream of light brightened a day for you?

I hope you’ll be delighted by the light in the days to come!


Image Attribution: By Ron Lach from Pexels