Dear Friends | A Letter to My Followers

Via Google Images
Via Google Images

I hope when you landed here the updated theme didn’t startle you or cause you to double-check that you were in the right place, or the wrong place.

With my new-found pathway to rewriting my memoir project, I felt that my earlier theme was a bit too dark, mostly black in the header, rather dreary for a writer on a new mission.

Off I went to browse WordPress themes, and I found this one, Hemingway Rewritten. Apropos, don’t you think?

I am enjoying the rewriting, finding new twists and turns to the story, and look forward to the journey I’m travelling.

Hope you’ll come along with me.

11 thoughts on “Dear Friends | A Letter to My Followers

  1. I love it, Sherrey! Did the photo come with the theme, or is that one of your own? It reminds me of the type of old houses one might see in Tennessee, Alabama, or other parts of the south.

    1. Joan, my best guess is that it might even be a house in that part of the country. I found the image on Flickr and one of the things I need to do today is get up a header credit. Something about this image spoke to me of peace and serenity, real players in the end of my book.

    1. Candace, thanks for your kind words. And prepare yourself for when this rewrite is completed. We shall begin working together then.

  2. How refreshing! Your willingness to re-invent yourself and your story is an inspiration to us all – well, to me at least. And your new header/banner is nostalgic and evocative, just my style.

  3. Sherrey, I LOVE your new theme. It’s unique and looks very professional. Like the other commenters, I too love the evocative image. I know that house!

    1. Sue, what a lovely surprise! I’ve missed you, and it’s so good to find you here on my blog. I’m glad you LOVE my new theme. And may I ask how you know this house? You have my curiosity aroused. 🙂

      1. Sherrey, I don’t literally know the house, but it reminds me of houses I know with the big porch and dirt drive.

        1. You see I took you literally, Sue! I thought perhaps it was in your family or a friend’s family. It reminds me of lots of houses on the back roads of TN. The laugh is on me!

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