A Day in the Life (2015_03_16 17_34_19 UTC)All over the city, in the suburbs, out in the rural areas the shout is the same, “School’s out!”

Mothers fortunate enough to stay at home cringe at the change in their daily schedules. Working moms and dads struggle to find a responsible soul to watch over their kids too young to stay alone.

Parents of preteens and teens have a separate set of worries–peer pressure, broken rules, or the cost of camp.

Did our parents experience these frustrations the day school let out for the summer? Did we as parents?

Shouts of “school’s out” reverberated in our neighborhood. Kids talked about the last day of school for six weeks or more. Lots of planning went into the last day as if there were a fancy, dress party scheduled.

Last day of school 1955 (2016_03_05 04_54_46 UTC)Everyone went to pick up their last report card dressed in their finest. Some girls wore brand new dresses and Mary Jane’s. Boys wore the pants and shirts expected only on Sunday morning the rest of the year.

We even took younger cousins or siblings and sometimes good friends with us. For what reason, I still don’t understand other than it was a special day so everybody came.

I went to the same grade school my mom attended from 1918-1924, Ross Elementary, a bastion of education in the Nashville City School System. Architecturally, it looked like a stone fort to its students. But when it was built in 1907, it was considered an architecturally trendy edifice.

The school closed in 1988 at the original site, and a new facility was built on nearby vacant property owned by the school system. Efforts are underway to have the original building and site added to the Historical Register.

Many fond memories are associated with the school and the cousins and friends who also attended there. And as these first days of summer vacation begin, memories have been made for the students of the scholastic year 2014-2015.

What memories do you cherish of your school days? Was the last day of school a special “event” or just an ordinary day marking the beginning of summer vacation?