Yesterday we awoke to the sound of rain. After two sunny days, it was a disappointment. We’d like summer to last a little longer than two days. Not much opportunity to get out and work in the yard or do other outdoor activities.
But there was something new on our calendar. Well, not exactly new. Only half new.
Our financial advisor for the last 15-plus years is a kind and gentle man. He is someone we trust and appreciate for many reasons. One of those reasons is how and where we meet when we need to sign documents or discuss our financial situation.

Ken lives almost an hour away from us. It’s a long drive depending on the time of day or traffic backups due to accidents, road work, and … you get the picture. When we need to meet, Ken drives to our home. That’s right — Ken does the driving. Once he arrives, we go over business matters, drink coffee, and then visit. A true and authentic friendship has grown out of this business relationship.
The last time Ken was in our home we suggested that sometime we’d like him to bring his wife with him. He said he liked that idea. When he called to make yesterday morning’s appointment, Ken said his wife would be joining him.
Perhaps by now, you’ve guessed who and/or what was our day brightener. It was not the weather. Meeting a new friend and the woman who walks alongside our friend and business partner was. Ken’s wife is an intelligent, warm, and witty woman. She entered our home as if she had been here before. When they left, we hugged and agreed to get together again.
If you’ve read my blog before, you know we are both somewhat introverted. We rarely entertain in our home. Our life as hermits is A-OK with us. And yet new friends and acquaintances are definitely a day brightener for anyone. The interaction reinforces the importance of kindness in our lives.
Kindness seems to be missing too often in our world these days. What have you experienced this week that reinforces kindness in your world? 
Sending lots of kindness,