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I love to walk outdoors, and a daily walk is one of my goals in recovery. Part of my daily physical therapy assignment is a 30-minute walk using a walker. Today my therapist added six minutes per day twice daily walking with a cane. Not to mention all the other exercises she has me doing. None of this happens outdoors. Yet.

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Some days I’ve hosted pity parties for myself. Exercising can be tough during recovery. Working to restore strength, nerve communication, and flexibility to a limb isn’t easy. It gets old day in and day out. And then I feel sorry for myself.
Today I had a wakeup call while at the clinic. My therapist and I were walking a circuit around the perimeter of the equipment area. We came upon a man, in his early 40s, working hard to walk. To walk, he was using robotic prosthetics to move his legs. It was unclear whether a stroke or an accident the many visible physical deficits.
My emotions ran from sympathy and sorrow for him. Yet, his determination inspired me to work harder. I felt gratitude for the fact that at least I can work both legs on my own despite the weakness in one. Maybe those pity parties are a thing of the past.



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6 thoughts on “Daily Walk

  1. I can only imagine how hard it is in this season of recovery, Sherrey. Wishing you continued progress as you heal. Your post resonates with my own ruminations on my blog this morning: there is always something to be thankful for.

    1. Linda, I’ll admit my impatience. And it would be somewhat easier if this part of recovery had been expected. All we must do is look around and we’ll find something or someone to give thanks for. Thanks for your gracious words.

    1. It always seem there is someone worse off than we are, Jill. If we only take the time to be aware of the people around us, we’ll see that. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

    1. “[T]he pilgrimage called life.” Those words truly put my world into perspective these days, Shirley. The song is familiar, and I enjoyed listening to it this morning. I’ll listen again and again. Thanks for continuing to be part of my “pilgrimage.”

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