Many of you have been through this process, and you have traversed it with great success. For those of us who are first-timers, the journey to a title is a bit more cumbersome.


How do you decide from all the ideas?

Everyone seems to have a suggestion, but do they fit? Unlikely at best.

Do you flip a coin? Heads or tail? This never worked for me.

Ask your followers online? They support and encourage you. Perhaps this is the best place to start.

I have a list of three potential titles for my memoir. Now I’m down to this short list that started with several more. The only advice I’ve sought until now has been from my husband and a couple of avid reading friends.

Now I want your input! Here’s a short, very short survey asking your opinion. If you receive my newsletter, you may have already taken it. Forgive the duplication. If you don’t receive my newsletter, here’s your opportunity to weigh in:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post and take the survey. If you have any card tricks or suggestions for finding the right title for a book, please let us all know by leaving comments below.