Changing Seasons

Changing seasons are markers in our lives. With September, we begin to think of the end of summer and the advent of autumn. School starts up in many places. And routines at home change to keep with schedules required for school and work and more. In Oregon, harvesting apples and grapes begin. And the cider and winemaking processes start. Farm stands show off pumpkins along with fall-colored mums.

But the September to October transition has been different this year. In seasons past, October weather gave warm days with cooler nights. The rain began to drizzle and then strengthen as October progressed. But not this year. There are days when it feels like winter.
Weather patterns are changing all over our country. In Oregon, we have snow in the mountains. Today Timberline Lodge reports an 11″ base on Mt. Hood. Often the operators of the ski lift at Mt. Hood hold their collective breath into November. The wait for an opening date for the season is long sometimes. History also shows seasons when the snowfall was light enough to close the season early.
Record snowfalls hit across the midwest last week while a heatwave struck the east coast. Current conditions here and around our country and the world need us to question why.
What is going on in our world to cause these climate changes? I don’t know if anyone has the answer.
Yet, Greta Thunberg, a young climate activist, seems to have a message. Thunberg hopes government leaders of the world and we as individuals will listen. Her words may hold something close to the answer, if not the answer.
If you’d like to hear Thunberg’s message, you can listen to her speech at the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 here:

I am not endorsing everything Greta says. But I do admire her courage, intelligence, and willingness to speak up. I do believe we have endangered our earth and its residents, both human and otherwise. We have not been good stewards of this earth. But I also believe our Mother Earth has gone through changes in previous times. Times when neither you nor I were alive to witness it. That doesn’t mean I wish to witness a cataclysmic change in our world.
If government and world leaders, including our own, choose to ignore what’s happening, then the words of a 16-year old young woman are important to hear. Personally, I hold my heart and hands up to a Higher Power for direction in my life. Yet, it is also important that I make myself aware of what I can do to preserve this world for generations to come.
Let’s all do our part in whatever way we can.


6 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

    1. China, thank you for your comment. Your words, “could this be the sign of a long hard winter,” are what I fear as well. I appreciate your encouragement. Thanks again!

  1. Although closely related, weather and climate aren’t the same, so it’s difficult to pinpoint what’s going on in our world. I agree with you that Mother Earth has gone through these drastic changes in the past and will likely continue.

    1. Yes, Jill, it’s difficult to pinpoint what’s happening here. Thanks for your continual participation on my blog and your gracious words.

  2. I am listening to Greta’s alarming words as I type this. A bit of hope underlies her anger. We haven’t heard the last of her, I’m sure. What courage and vision!

    It’s raining in Jacksonville all day today, so maybe fall will be unveiled tomorrow. Still, I’m arranging apples like a still life on my kitchen island.

    1. Greta is indeed a young woman of courage and vision, Marian. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Greta.

      Glad to hear that even though there are rainy days in Jacksonville that you’ve taken some time to enjoy doing things at home. You’ve had some busy days lately.

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