Changes…Not Again!

Changes next exitMy family history consists of many changes. With parentage defining our personal history, my parents and my DNA have more or less labelled me in many respects, especially change.

When my dad arrived home from work on Fridays, he teased my mom that it was a good thing he wasn’t a drunk. His reasoning was based on the number of times Mom rearranged the living room furniture, he might have thought he was in the wrong house!

Likewise, Dad couldn’t resist physical moves to newer or different housing. I don’t dare count the number of moves we made until finally Mom said, “Enough!”

I share this bit of family history with you because I’ve done it again. I’ve not only changed the look of my website, I’ve moved it. Yes, I’ve moved from Squarespace back to WordPress, but for good reasons.

Sometimes we have to spend a little time in a new place to get all the details on top of the playing table. Then we realize the deal wasn’t as great as we first thought.

There were and are features at WordPress that I decided I just didn’t want to give up. And Squarespace lacked certain conveniences I’d grown spoiled to having available. So, I’ve made the move back “home.”

Now, there’s one little thing I couldn’t move back with me. That was the list of people who followed the blog using something other than signing up for my newsletter. There are three ways to follow a blog:

  • First, if you are a user, you can use the “Follow Button” as seen near the top of the sidebar to your right. It only takes one click and my blog posts will show up in your WordPress Reader.
  • Or just below that button I’ve placed a “Follow Via Email” block where you simply provide your email address and my posts appear in your inbox.
  • Perhaps you love social media and prefer to follow using one or more of the media channels. Look for the “Let’s Connect” block and choose your channel of choice.

For the next six weeks or so, I’ll continue to circulate the posts via my newsletter account. But at that time, I intend to take a sabbatical from the newsletter and sharing my posts using the newsletter software. I’ll give fair warning before taking this action.

Thanks, as always, for reading, and I hope you continue to do so.


8 thoughts on “Changes…Not Again!

  1. Okay, I signed up for your posts! I’m interested that you moved back to WordPress. I started out on Typepad when I began blogging ten years ago, and really loved it. Then it grew limited, especially with designs for responsive blogs, and I moved to WordPress. I like it well enough, but sometimes I miss Typepad, not the least of which is because if you had an issue, all you had to do was email.

    1. Charlotte, there are things about Squarespace I’ll miss, especially their excellent support. As you said, “all you had to do was email.” But it was like the desert…not many writers using Squarespace and once I moved I lost quite a number of followers. Hoping to gain them back here.

  2. I too am a WordPress Woman too, and notification of your blog appeared in my email inbox this morning.

    My prediction: Readers who are WP users probably won’t have any trouble retrieving your posts. How’s that for a hopeful comment!

    1. Marian, it just feels right. The number of writers on WordPress is quite large, and on Squarespace not so much. And I lost a few followers when I transitioned over to Squarespace. I guess you could say I’m sort of starting from square one!

  3. Sherrey, I think you and I have a running contest to see who changes our websites the most often. LOL. I’m very happy with WordPress, although I recently changed the blog portion from self-hosted to because of certain features. I think (hope, pray) I’m there to stay. Love the new look!

    1. Joan, as I started thinking about switching back to WordPress, I thought of how much you and I change the look and feel of our sites. But I never thought about your making your blog a blog which makes a lot of sense for the reasons you gave. Glad you like this look, and I too hope, pray I’m here to stay and that I won’t feel the need to “rearrange” this site again soon!

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