7 Things I’ve Learned About Myself from Social Media

Last spring I, along with others, took a Lenten break from social media. When I returned, I wanted to know more about my presence on social media, including my blog. That’s when I turned to Frances Caballo and engaged her to check my social media sites as well as my website. The results of Frances’s […]

5 Ways to Create Balance Between Your Writing Life and the Rest of Your Life

In the last issue of my newsletter, I included a post on achieving balance between your writing life and the crush of holiday festivities and responsibilities. But what about other times? Don’t writers need balance in their lives during the rest of the year? The answer is YES! The larger question, however, may lie deep in […]

Why Taking a Break from Writing Is a Good Thing

It is time.Time for a break. A break from writing, researching, working. I told myself no at first, but then I took stock and pondered the calendar. Yes, I feel the need for a break. Everyone else is returning to school after summer vacation or back to work after the recent three-day weekend. I’m reminded […]