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Summer Begins? — June 21, 2019

Summer Begins?

As I sit here in my hoodie and long pants, the question on this first day of summer remains, “Summer begins?” For days, we’ve been in a weather cycle of cool temps, scattered drizzles, and no sun until mid-afternoon. Does that sound like summer?

Granted our daisies are blooming. Today Bob found buds on some of our hostas. The geraniums are loaded with blossoms. And believe it or not, our Christmas cactus now residing on our back deck is setting buds. The plants obviously believe summer is here.

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t feel like summer yet. Not long ago we had temps in the upper 90s. We turned our furnace off. The mornings have been crisp and cool, so I’ve kickstarted the furnace to take the edge off.

Summer comes every year. I know that in my mind and heart, but I want to see it, feel it, be outside in it. And in August or September, I’ll likely be begging for a cool down.

You can’t please some folks, can you?



Image attribution: pixel2013 from Pixabay

Gray Days — May 17, 2019

Gray Days

Watching raindrops fall silently onto the leaves of trees and flowers. Hard to believe a week ago it was sunny and almost 20° warmer.

Yet this week’s weather–gray, cool, damp–is the norm for May. Last week was a teaser sent by by Mother Nature. Pacific Northwesterners understand summer’s arrival is scheduled after the 4th of July. We know better than to get drawn in too quickly
Rain has been on our wish list for a while now. Each glistening raindrop holds life for someone or something. The earth has been dry and hard. And then again, too much rain can cause distress for others in the form of flooding or landslides. 
The snow depth on Mt. Hood is at 113″ as of today’s report. Although spring runoff supplies rivers and streams, it can be dangerous. The dangers come with early warm days. We’re prone to be fond of slow runoffs.
For me, I’ll sit back and watch the droplets fall and spring off leaves. And I’ll take the sunny days but not too warm too soon as well. 
Mother Nature seems to know best.

Adopt the pace of Nature. Her secret is patience.

~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image attribution: Aaron Burden on Unsplash