Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…A Very Good Place to Start

Perhaps the title sounds a bit familiar. The words form a phrase from the song, “Do Re Mi“from The Sound of Music.  When thinking of ways to make my blog focus more memoir-centric, I kept going back to the beginning. My beginning. When I started out in this life. It was 1946. February 10 the day. My […]

In the Rubble by Anne Peterson, Guest

Today I have the pleasure and honor of welcoming Anne Peterson, author of Broken: A Story of Abuse and Survival. Anne has graciously prepared a post recalling how she came to write Broken and what the process of that writing was like. As I prepared Anne’s post for publication, I was struck by many of her words and their […]

Next Big Question in Writing Your Story: What Will You Call Your Book?

More than settling on a title, important to the marketing and sales of your life story is the genre you choose to define and/or categorize your published work. Let’s first look at the definitions of the possible genre you might consider: Memoir is likely the most used class by life story writers. Dictionary.com defines the word […]