Since my mid-November post, I've spent a lot of time watching the changing seasons. Most winter days in the Pacific NW are gray, foggy, and rainy. Not uplifting. I spied a joyful surprise on one of these gray days as I returned from our mailbox. Abundant blossoms are peeking from beneath the leaves on our…

Time to Act Like a Cat–and Pause

Pausing Feline

Time to act like a cat--and pause. Have you ever noticed it doesn't matter to a cat where it rests or naps?¬†Or when or on what piece of furniture? Or in what position--belly up, draping its legs this way and that? Oh, to be so relaxed that it doesn't matter. We humans live under too…

Status Update…and a Favor to Ask

On this next Sunday, August 6th, it will have been two months since my last post here. During that time, I've had surgery, am in my eighth week of recovery, and have managed to recover from sticker shock at the medical bills we now have to pay.

The best news is my pain level is vastly diminished, and my surgeon released me last week to return to normal activities. That release came with a disclaimer. My surgeon's expectations are that I will use common sense and previous experience with back surgeries to keep my activities within reason.