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    Prescription for Cabin Fever

    Experiencing a bit of cabin fever? Government restrictions related to the coronavirus bugging you? Looking for a quick cure for cabin fever? Keep reading!  Today we bring an expert to the blog to share tips for coping with cabin fever. Our expert has four years or more under her belt of being confined. Chronic pain has been her nemesis, but her tips will apply as well to cabin fever patients. Here’s a list of helpful tips and hints for coping with the frustrating symptoms associated with cabin fever: Grab a good book and start reading. Need help finding a book? Check out book descriptions and reviews on Goodreads. Do a…

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    December 2019

    December 2019 is here. Where did November, October, and September go? In my world, they seemed to fly by. How about you? The image above reflects mostly what I’ve been doing–reading by the fire. In looking through my blog yesterday, I was shocked to find my last post was on November 19, 2019. The post is my review of Kathy Pooler’s second memoir, Just the Way He Walked (see Disclosures). I have other book reviews to share but I’ll be honest and not beat around the bush. My motivation to write, even a book review, is gone.  I seek inspiration looking out the windows, listening to music, reading others’ work.…

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    True Confessions

    Remember the magazine True Confessions? As an adolescent, I sneaked my sister-in-law’s copies of True Confessions to the creek banks. I’m not sure why I thought I had to take them to the creek behind the home where she and my brother lived, but I did.   The words “true confessions” have been playing havoc with my mind over the last couple of weeks. My blog looks neglected and forgotten with fewer posts published. And my presence on social media isn’t what it usually is. There are three reasons. As my readers and followers, you should know I’m not going away.   First, I managed to connect with a nasty cold and cough…

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    Quiet Times

         Silence is more musical than any song. ~~Christina Rosetti The last week resulted in quiet times here on the blog and at home. A week of blank days on my calendar awaited me. I had grand plans. With physical therapy appointments scheduled now every other week, I had no reason to go there. And there were no doctor appointments to keep.  My plans included establishing an at-home physical therapy schedule as two weeks between appointments is a good bit of downtime. I also hoped to move my “office” supplies and writing tools back to the corner of my workroom. And we had lunch dates planned with two couples.…

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    Be Present

    Last Sunday the cover art on our worship bulletin struck a chord with me. Not so much because of the artwork. It was, as always with me, the words. I’ve pondered these words over and over again. Finally, today I wanted to know more about who chose them. Who created the image?   So I rang up TinEye Reverse Image Search as I was unable to read the artist’s signature. TinEye helped me locate the artist, Kelly Rae Roberts, and her site. The words, I assume, are the artist’s as I find no attribution for them.   This is the work that has kept my mind engaged the last couple…

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    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy isn’t always a popular topic, especially for those undergoing it. Why did I choose this as a post topic? Because these days, physical therapy is always on my mind. Once a week appointments with my therapist, and a daily exercise regimen between weekly appointments. I’ve been blessed following this latest surgery to be treated by two of the best therapists I’ve yet to meet. David, my therapist in the rehab center, was one of the most compassionate of my caregivers. And he was a hard worker but always conscious of his patient’s physical well being. My outpatient therapist, Amy, is equally compassionate and explains everything in lay terms…