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    Gratitude While Cocooning

    With plenty of time on my hands, my mind runs to thinking on gratitude. What I’m grateful for in our cocooning.   We decided to substitute “cocooning” for “sheltering in place” and “quarantining.” The genesis of cocooning is a statement shared in our church’s weekly men’s Bible study group. I’ll share the entire quote in a moment.   Here’s what I’m grateful for this past week: Shelter and food to eat plus clean water to drink. Being stranded in the middle of Meyer Woods with the man God blessed my life with almost 39 years ago. Health and welfare of our three children and their families. A long drive in…

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    It’s the Little Things That Count

    As I reflect on the past four years, I realize that my grumbling, complaining, and feeling sorry for myself taught me something so simple:       It is easy to list some of the simple things for which I am grateful: God’s promises of healing A simple smile The words “I love you” My husband cooking, cleaning, and more A phone call from your son while he’s traveling on business A short visit from your next-door neighbor Bags of meals for several nights picked up by the same neighbor Thoughtfulness from anyone Numerous healthcare givers treating you well The first sight of spring 2019 when Bob rolled me in…

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    Catching Up

    With family coming for a visit this past weekend, we decided it was time to work on catching up on a bit of housekeeping. This would be my first serious effort at helping Husband Bob do household chores. I’m happy to report my catching up on housework exercise worked out A-OK for a newbie (that’s what they call you after a four-year hiatus from your duties!).   Early Friday evening our niece and her husband arrived for the weekend. Our niece was attending the Rose City Comic Con. Her publisher provided a booth for authors to sell and sign books. With a new book out,* she wanted to take part.…

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    Unexpected Visitor

      Yesterday was a bit different from other days since my recovery began. I had an unexpected visitor arrive. Despite plenty of books to read, knitting to knit, and writing to ponder, the days are often somewhat boring. And it doesn’t help that I’ve had a minor setback that limits my activity level.    Back to my unexpected visitor. Looking out the large window into our backyard, I noticed the leaves on our vine maple fluttering. If there was a breeze blowing, none of the other trees were joining in.    And then I spied him. A small squirrel bouncing from limb to limb. Stopping here and there to find…

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    Thursday took us back to summer temperatures with a high at 90. The beauty of the Pacific NW is at 8:10 pm the temperature has dropped to 82 and will continue to drop during the night. By 5:00 am, it will be 65. It’s been a gorgeous day ending like all summer days. The light is beginning to change. Sunlight begins to fade bringing sunset to us.   We’ve come in from dinner out at a popular burger place. I mentioned a few days ago I was craving a good old-fashioned (i.e. not fast food) burger. Before heading out, I take my second get-into-the-Mustang-convertible-and-get-back-out without problems test. This time I…

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    Sounds of Summer

    It’s Sunday and our family room slider is open. We’re just about into our favorite Sunday pastime–naps. But first, let me tell you about my favorite part of summer—the sounds.  Mornings with birdsong outside the window. The squeal of children playing outdoors. The beautiful flowers, the sunlight needed for them and me, and the opportunity to be outside.   Today we’ve been listening to the sounds of our neighbor’s grandchildren. When we moved here, this couple’s children were in preschool and grade school. We used to hear the happy sounds of that generation and now the next. Weekends for our neighbors are busy. But the joy and laughter heard from…