A Happy Truth: Last Dogs Aren’t Always Last by D.A. Hickman | Review


  Caring for them is also a gift in disguise; it’s not optional. Their needs can motivate and inspire us to keep moving. Keep breathing, at a minimum. Daisy Hickman shares with readers once again her gift of lyrical prose. In A Happy Truth: Last Dogs Aren’t Always Last, the story emerges as if she paints with […]

This Particular Happiness: A Childless Love Story by Jackie Shannon Hollis | A Review


    In society today, we celebrate the label “mother” more than any other label given to women. To decide against being a mother seems foreign and strange to many of our culture.   But Jackie Shannon Hollis chose between her husband’s love and childlessness. She writes about her choice in This Particular Happiness: A […]

Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl by Marian Longenecker Beaman | Review

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Marian Longenecker Beaman’s memoir shares heartwarming vignettes of life in Lancaster County, PA. The author paints images with words of the joys and frustrations of growing up as a Mennonite. I visited Lancaster County several years ago. But I was not as aware of the Mennonites and their restrictions as I was of the Amish. […]