Personalities bubbling like champagne are describedas vivacious, spritely, spirited, and lively.  Always upbeat,these people seem to have an overabundance ofenergy and vitality.

vivacious | adjective

lively in temper, conduct or spirit. Synonyms: animated, frisky, jaunty, perky, pert, sprightly, spring.

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As I read this definition and the synonyms for vivacious, the words remind me of one of my favorite Broadway actresses, Kristin Chenoweth.

Singer, actor, and comedienne, Chenoweth displays her trademark vivacity in all phases of her life.  Her interviews are energetic and lively, and those qualities seem to come from an inner happiness and spirit.

Her memoir, A Little Bit Wicked,reveals her spunky attitude and her love of life.  Through her use of authentic stories and memories, Chenoweth reveals the vivacious attitude and persona she has possessed since childhood.

Using famous stars and persons known to you because of their public life is a good way to find the personality you need for a particular character.  Reading their stories is helpful as well.

And with today’s technology we are able to watch them at any time on YouTube and other media available to us.

So, it sounds like there is not a good reason for not finding the right qualities for that next character!

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