A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur

Nidhi Kaur’s coming-of-age memoir is beautifully written combining prose and poetry into a tale of a young life growing up in India. Read my review, and then scroll down to enter a giveaway.

Book Details:
Book Title: A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 130 pages
Genre: Memoir / Poetry
Publisher: Independent (Createspace)
Release date: September 2017

Book Description:
A Journey to Yonder is the tale of one woman’s refusal to allow the challenges of her past to define her present. She grows up with a special needs sibling and loses her childhood home, and we then follow her through an abusive relationship and into the most unforgiving of human trials.

With experiences that leave you feeling so alone, how do you hold on to hope? How do you go on?

Nidhi Kaur’s compelling use of both poetry and prose intimately welcomes readers into this moving story of spiritual rediscovery. Poems are sprinkled throughout the story, guiding readers through intimate and stunning moments of truth. Kaur reminds us that if we offer our trust completely to God, we are never alone.

The author of the spiritual collection of poetry My Wedding with Truth, Nidhi Kaur once again delivers an emotionally enlightened journey through the human heart. Miracles can be seen everywhere in this world, and Kaur helps us remember to keep our eyes open in this riveting story of redemption.

FCC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.

My Review:

In her coming-of-age memoir, Nidhi Kaur bravely tells her story from childhood through her marriage, an arranged marriage turned abusive. Kaur rises above the losses and difficulties in her life experiences through her faith in God.

Kaur’s use of poetry alternating with her prose effectively lyricizes her writing and provides dual views into her thoughts and feelings as she tells her story. The writer’s style is so beautiful and enveloping I could not help but enjoy reading this young woman’s disastrous life story.

Her story is raw, painfully so, in parts. Kaur’s hurt as she watches her brother, born deaf, moved to another city so he can get an education. Then she sees her grandmother’s passing and the loss of her childhood home. If this is not enough, she marries and learns the abusiveness directed toward women by their husbands. The reader’s heart aches as Kaur tells her story.

In spite of the prevalent theme of abuse, pain, and loss, I enjoyed experiencing the cultural references and Kaur’s faith. Her expression of her love for her brother and her first love were beautifully written. There are two explicit sex scenes written through poetry. I did not find either offensive.

If you enjoy coming-of-age memoirs, A Journey to Yonder may deserve a place on your bookshelves. The determination Kaur musters to succeed in reaching a better way of life, the Indian culture, and the poetry make this a great read.

Meet the Author:

Author Nidhi KaurNidhi Kaur is the author of My Wedding with Truth, a collection of inspirational poetry. After discovering the healing power of the written word, Kaur began exploring the power of the divine through her poems.

A Journey to Yonder combines prose and poetry to explore Kaur’s challenging trails of life and her search for miracles in every moment of time.

Kaur lives in Fremont, California, where she works as a software engineer.

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