Wishing You a Season of Love, Laughter and Joy

It doesn't matter which holiday you've just celebrated (perhaps Hannukah), you're counting down the days to celebrate (maybe Christmas), or you're still in the planning stages of festivities (Kwanza?), or some other holiday activity like ringing in 2018. I simply want to add to your revelries a wish for love, laughter and joy throughout your celebration.

My hope is that you will be surrounded by people you love and who love you. Whether family or friends, the gathering of people who mean something to you is always a good feeling. May you also find someone nearby who needs love and compassion from someone like you. And may your greetings be filled with truth and joy.

At our house, the greeting these days is Merry Christmas. Whether or not politically correct, it is what we believe and feel in our hearts so from our house to yours ~~

christmas-1911637_1920 (1).jpg

From now until January, I'll be celebrating Christmas with family and enjoying some downtime as well as planning for the coming year.