Benefits of Writing Your Story

Today I am honored to be a guest at Madeline Sharples’ blog, Choices.  I hope you’ll join me as I visit with Madeline and share my thoughts on the many and varied benefits of writing your story.

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In 2001, when my mother died, the story of our lives together had traversed many years and battled many storms.  Yet at the end, something unusual and unexpected happened.  I tucked that memory away knowing it was possibly the core for a memoir.  When I retired in 2006, I remembered how often I had said, “When I have time, I want to write a book.”

Little did I know when I began accumulating my memories on the computer and sorting through family photos the benefit writing this story would give.  Never had it occurred to me that writing could be a restorative, healing process.

With each word typed, I felt changes taking place.  The invisible scars created by years of verbal and emotional abuse seemed to loosen.  Old hurts seemed to soften despite the painful process of remembering.

I am not here to tell you that writing memoir is easy.  It isn’t.  Writing your own story may dredge up painful memories.  Alternatively, writing your story will likely be cathartic.

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10 thoughts on “Benefits of Writing Your Story

        1. It has been rainy and cool for days. The weather prognosticators are promising sun and warmth by the weekend. We still patiently wait for summer.

  1. I just wrote something about this this morning–that I find writing about my past to be very healing. It kind of clears my mind, allows me to see things from a broader perspective, and puts things to rest. Once I write it, it’s not lurking in my brain any longer.

    1. Luanne, what a coincidence that we would both be considering this topic in such close timing! I like your sentence, “Once I write it, it’s not lurking in my brain any longer.” This is just how I feel.

  2. Hi Sherrey,Thanks for writing this. I also lost my mom in 2001, the same month of her birth. I’m sending you an email in hopes you’d consider sharing more of you memoir writing insights.

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