Autumn in Oregon heralds our rainiest season of the year. Weather prognosticators promised rain for days. Areas nearby and surrounding us received showers. Sometimes only sprinkles. Our neighborhood received nothing.

Until…last Saturday night. We awoke on Sunday morning with evidence of overnight rain. And we’ve had several good…let’s say heavy showers since.
When it rains in Oregon, we experience fog of varying levels–light, moderate, heavy. Especially when driving through forested areas. The fog dances through the branches of thick and heavy evergreens. It may sound a bit spooky, but it’s a lovely site and cozy too. The white-gray of the fog softens everything around it.
Sitting here watching the rainfall, I’m entertained by everchanging colors. The sky goes from blue to gray to almost black and then bursts open with either rain or sun breaks and white clouds.
The leaves are changing from green to the bright colors of autumn. With the days shortening, darkness drops its curtain earlier. Then the sky turns a blue-black dotted with sparkling lights if the sky is clear.
As I watch the changing of the seasonal colors and weather, I sense the Presence of the One who made it all possible. He calls me to rethink changes in my life and the lives of those around me.
I take a few moments and reflect on family and friends. I realize our great-grandchildren are no longer toddlers but are four, seven, and ten. Oh, and a new one on the way in January!
I take a look too at those friends who have left us for a better place and give thanks for their presence in our lives. God now has new angels in His heaven looking down on us.
Always present God provides our every need. Even a good conversation on a somewhat dark and dreary day.
Featured image attribution: Knopka Ivy on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Autumn in Oregon

  1. Dear Sherrie, What an absolutely beautiful write. You are so talented. I can almost feel fall in the air and the associated smells as I read your lovely rendition of a season full of wonder. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me as well as many others I am sure.

    1. Charlene, dear friend, how nice to find you here! It seems like ages since we first became friends online. Your gracious words are a gift. As a writer, you know what you’ve written but unless someone comments or reviews your book you never know how those words affected the reader. Thank you so much!

  2. Beautiful post, Sherrey. I felt like I was there with you looking at the fog and rain. It’s a blessing to see His presence in the beauty He created.

    1. Hi Joan and thanks for your comments. There is so much in our lives He blesses us with. He’s all around us every day and sometimes I don’t recognize it as I should.

    1. Bette, I’m always amazed at how active you are in the blogosphere. That makes your comments all the more special! I can see that bright day and fall foliage in Maine. The fall colors here are not as bright as the ones we used to experience in Tennessee, but with the weather changes the colors here have seemed to brighten a bit. Enjoy your autumn!

  3. This feels mystical, Sherrey. September is one of the rainiest months in Florida, and it often brings hurricanes. Cooler temps often come in October – and less threat of storms, but not always. Beautiful writing!

    1. Marian, dear Super Book Marketer, in your busy world I’m surprised to find you with time to read and comment. I am, therefore, honored that you stopped here. Yes, September isn’t a favorite month in Florida due to the hurricanes. My family in Titusville counts the days until October. Appreciate your words “[t]his feels mysical” and “[b]eautiful writing!”

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