Tonight while thinking of something happening in our lives soon, I couldn’t help thinking of the word, “advent.” Not the capitalized Advent preparing the way for the celebration of Jesus’s birth. But another type of advent when something important is beginning, approaching, or coming soon.

An event that is upcoming usually requires some preparation, planning, and yes, a little shopping. I’m busy thinking of all the things I need to do before the auspicious date arrives.

I’ve been waiting for the past 1,137 days for this event to come full circle. Believe me, the waiting has been hard. It has been frustrating and pain-filled. It has been stressful and depressing. Any other adjectives you can imagine on the hard side of life fit the bill too.

Now, as of today, I am only 21 days from the day I’ve been praying for along with Bob, our family, and our church family. Many Facebook friends have joined in prayers with us as well. What do we do without community around us?

Do you have any idea what I’m so excited about that I would consider waiting 1,137 days for it to come?

You have my permission to hazard a guess below in the comments. The first correct response receives a $10.00 Amazon gift card! You have until noon PST on Sunday, March 17th, to get your comment posted to be eligible to win.

Good luck to any and all who enter!