A Day in the Life | Retirement 2006 (Episode #3)

Continuing with creative nonfiction shorts in my series, A Day in the Life.

Retirement 2006

Recent events involving the family of my former managing attorney brought back many memories of my almost 15 years spent working with him and watching his family grow. At the same time, I was treated to casual reminiscences with other attorneys and their wives I came to know while working at the firm.

Prior to retirement, I was given sage advice by a brother-in-law. He cautioned, “When you retire, walk away not expecting friendships to continue. Some may. Some will. Many won’t. Don’t be surprised. After all, the friendships made on the job have an essential focal point–the workplace. Other friendships in your life have varying focal points. Don’t be disappointed by this turn of events. Go make new friends or get reacquainted with old ones.”

My brother-in-law was right to a point. The attorney and his family with whom I grew close during the workdays over 15 years have made it possible to stay closer than I expected. We’ve been included in recitals, concerts, weddings, memorial services, and more. A bonus was getting to know this attorney’s parents with whom we became close friends.

Steve (best managing partner ever) and me on party day. Image in background was my first day on the job.
Steve (best managing partner ever) and me on party day. Image in background was my first day on the job.

On the day I retired, February 6, 2006, the firm hosted a party in my honor with gifts, a trip down memory lane, some hugs, and some tears. I left thinking on my brother-in-law’s wisdom and advice.

I never expected to experience such family like feelings with my managing attorney and his family by the time 2015 rolled around.

A kinship exists going beyond explanation. Truly it has been a joy to have been “adopted” by their family.

Have you experienced this kind of extended relationship beyond a structured environment, whether at work, during college, or elsewhere? If you have, share your story with us, won’t you?

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life | Retirement 2006 (Episode #3)

  1. I absolutely loved my job at the College, and when I retired friendships continued. Occasionally I have lunch with former students who have asked permission to call me Marian – ha! Also, I lunch with former colleagues; we call ourselves the Fab Five. It’s such a delight and we pick up where we left off. I also see former college friends at gallery openings, concerts, and even at the gym, where I need to be going just now! Great topic!

    1. Marian, I hear such joy in your words about your job at the College. I’m so glad you have friendships ongoing after working there. I owe you an email after lunch and our short chat the other day. Coming soon! Thanks for stopping in today.

  2. Thank you Sherrey for sharing about your retirement. Indeed, it makes sense that the people become like family as so much time is spent with them over the course of a career. ♥

    1. Christy, thanks for your kind words. Yes, a great deal of time was spent together — long hours, long court proceedings, cases that went on for years. It does make good sense. 🙂

  3. I have made many friends throughout my career, and the ones I was close with, I have maintained the relationships with. It’s not surprising that where we spend most of our waking hours with same people for a long period of time, we are bound to strike a bond with someone there. I think if it’s a genuine and sincere relationship, it will survive beyond the work place. 🙂

    1. Debby, it couldn’t be said better. And the same is true of those friendships found online. Genuine and sincere–necessary to the relationship’s survival.

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