A Day in the Life | Easter (Episode #2)

Welcome to the second installment in my A Day in the Life series of short creative nonfiction pieces drawn from days gone by. I hope you enjoy them.


One Easter Sunday stands out in my mind above all others. I was around age four. Dressing up was a highlight for me as it was for most little girls, especially around Easter.

Via Google Images
Via Google Images

Easter meant a visit from the Easter Bunny with baskets filled with eggs and jelly beans. It almost always meant new clothes and this particular Easter it meant a new pair of black patent leather Mary Janes. I was so proud and excited to wear them. I thought Sunday would never come.

Finally, Sunday came. Up early to check out what was left by the Easter Bunny, eat breakfast, brush our teeth, and then dress for church.

That’s when it all fell apart. I heard Mama and Daddy talking.

“She cannot wear those shoes. Can’t you see it snowed last night?”

Oh, no! Mama was telling Daddy I couldn’t wear my new shoes. If I hurried, I could get dressed and have my new shoes on before they finished arguing.

“Honey, the snow isn’t that deep.” Hurray for Daddy! But Mama was having none of it.

Finally Daddy saved the day. He told Mama if she felt it was too messy to wear the new shoes, he would carry me from the house to the car, from the car to the church, and reverse his plan when it was time to come home.

I’ll never forget wearing those shoes, but most importantly, I’ll never forget how important I felt when Daddy reached down with his long arms, picked me up, and carried me in his arms.

Do you have a special Easter memory from childhood or perhaps another stage of life? Perhaps you can use this as a prompt to write a short piece sometime over the next few days. If you’d like to share it here as a guest post, please contact me.

11 thoughts on “A Day in the Life | Easter (Episode #2)

  1. Poignant story, Sherrey. I’m happy to see you are beginning a new season. I’ll be posting my favorite recent Easter story on my blog Saturday. By the way, thank you for connecting me to Gretchen Louise, what a wizard.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. Hello Marian and Happy Easter to you and Cliff. I look forward to reading your blog on Saturday. I’m ready for a new season and you’ll soon see and read why. Glad you contacted Gretchen. Working with her is delightful.

  2. What a precious story Sherrey. After reading it, I feel warm and happy. Funny how effective two or three hundred words can be in conveying a powerful message. I regaining my fascination with simple stories like this — grains of sand that combine to make a beautiful beach that changes each time the waves rearrange it. Happy Easter!

    1. Sharon, so nice of you to drop by and read. I’m glad my little story made you feel warm and happy. I love the short writing pieces, and I love your description of them. Happy Easter to you!

  3. What a lovely story, Sherrey. When I picture your Dad picking you up in his arms, it reminds me of how our Heavenly Father picks us up when we are most in need.
    Blessings and Happy Easter.

  4. Sherrey, Hope all is well with you. I look forward to your return to social media soon. I, too, wrote about Easter – a turning point one year in my life . .. will send you the blog post and, perhaps, you can repost here, if you wish. In the meantime, I hope your memoir writing is going well .. . as this piece indicates, writing is helping you “heal life’s hurts . . . one word at a time.”

    1. Susan, hello! I’m looking forward to it soon, and I will post several times about what that time away from it gained for me. The writing is going well thanks to a small house owned by a writing organization I belong it. Five former bedrooms have been converted to writing rooms, each designed for something specific in writing. They are named: Bloomsbury, Algonquin, Back Lot, Narnia, and Middle Earth. I’ve spent a few days there; a room costs only $10 for 16 hours. So getting lots done. I’m definitely going to share your post here next week. Thank you for sharing it with me.

      1. Sherrey, The “writing house” you describe sounds like heaven on earth! How wonderful. I look forward to hearing how your hiatus from social media proved rewarding and restorative, as well as learning more about this house and the writing organization that supports it. There is such a tremendous need for places like that where people can get away, shut out the distractions of the outside world and concentrate on and nurturing their inner lives and their creativity.
        Thank you so much for sharing my Easter Sunday post!

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