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    Joy in the Time of COVID-19

    I did not intend to use the COVID-19 label in my post title, because you have heard enough about the virus without my adding it to headlines. Yet this was the catchiest title I could come up with today.  One item Bob and I have on our daily calendar is our time for morning devotional and prayers. In recent days, we’ve been following Henri Nouwen. The daily meditation is waiting in our inbox before we get up and out of bed. It’s been a good day starter for us. Yesterday’s meditation seemed chosen specifically for this time of crisis for all of us. As we read it, I thought of…

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    Prescription for Cabin Fever

    Experiencing a bit of cabin fever? Government restrictions related to the coronavirus bugging you? Looking for a quick cure for cabin fever? Keep reading!  Today we bring an expert to the blog to share tips for coping with cabin fever. Our expert has four years or more under her belt of being confined. Chronic pain has been her nemesis, but her tips will apply as well to cabin fever patients. Here’s a list of helpful tips and hints for coping with the frustrating symptoms associated with cabin fever: Grab a good book and start reading. Need help finding a book? Check out book descriptions and reviews on Goodreads. Do a…

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    “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.”

    I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can. Perhaps you learned this iconic quote in childhood. It is attributed to Watty Piper, a pen name of Arnold Munk, owner of the publishing firm of Platt & Munk. Munk wrote children’s books, including this favorite, The Little Engine That Could.   Growing up, we read the Little Golden Book edition of The Little Engine That Could. Our favorite book soon became tattered, torn, faded, and fingerprinted with our love. With eight years between us, I read the book to my younger brother.      On February 10th, we had a group of young men at…

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    It’s the Little Things That Count

    As I reflect on the past four years, I realize that my grumbling, complaining, and feeling sorry for myself taught me something so simple:       It is easy to list some of the simple things for which I am grateful: God’s promises of healing A simple smile The words “I love you” My husband cooking, cleaning, and more A phone call from your son while he’s traveling on business A short visit from your next-door neighbor Bags of meals for several nights picked up by the same neighbor Thoughtfulness from anyone Numerous healthcare givers treating you well The first sight of spring 2019 when Bob rolled me in…