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    Chronic Illness and the Writer: A Series (Part 2)

    Last week I posted the first post in this series on chronic illness and the writer. Today I want to share with you some tips I’ve found to be helpful. I’m not qualified to say these will work for everyone. I just know they have, on occasion, worked for me. You know your body better than anyone and your illness as well. Let no one tell you what will work best for you. Decide for yourself.¬† Tips for the not so good days. Before I get started with the tips, I want you to know I am the worst at following my own advice. However, I am still learning at…

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    Chronic Illness,  Health and Self-Care,  Lifestyle,  Writing,  Writing Life

    Chronic Illness and the Writer | A Series (Part 1)

    What defines a chronic illness? Depending on what resource you use, you may find a variety of answers to this question. However, in my research as a writer and a patient, it appears the duration of an illness usually labels it as “chronic.” The length required in the health insurance industry is a duration of at least three months or longer. Overall, the medical profession usually considers one year as defining chronic illness. An article authored by Wullianallur Raghupathi and Viju Raghupathi and published in the¬†International Journal of Environmental Research and Health¬†(the “Raghupathi findings”) shares the following definition of chronic illness: ‘a physical or mental health condition that lasts more…

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    Writer MIA 27 Days Returns to Write Again!

    Where was I the last 27 days? Almost a month ago, I posted on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that I was taking a breather. I needed some self-care, and I wanted to attempt a little spring cleaning. I thought ten days or less should cover it. Why I didn’t post my planned absence here I don’t know. So much for my thinking things through!   During what was to be a short time, life took over. You know how plans exert their muscle and change themselves around. That’s what happened. Family issues, health issues, things you never expected–they left no time for my plans. But wait, you say! There have…