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    Top Links for Indie Authors and Self-publishers

    News constantly speeds across the Internet each day. So fast it's hard to keep pace with the information. Often the writer debates whether to write or read the news. Here are articles and posts I came across recently. I hope there is something of value to you as an Indie author and/or self-publisher.

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    Reflection on Changing Landscapes

    As we move from summer to autumn, changes appear all around us. We notice changes in tree colors, smells in the air, cooler temperatures, and the length of days. We even note changes in how our bodies feel.A larger scope allows us to see larger and often destructive changes all around us. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and raging wildfires across our country left much destruction. In our treatment of each other, we sense the destruction of community.

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    Why I Chose Squarespace Over WordPress

    Decisions are never easy, and decision making is not one of my favorite things. Likely most of us would rather avoid making choices or decisions.After thoughtful consideration, a review of finances and costs, and use of time, I spent about three weeks hands-on determining whether to stay with WordPress or move to Squarespace.