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The Writing Studio

Not only a new place to hang out with my website and blog, but also a new name. A story in a minute to tell you how I came up with that name. I’m sure you’re wondering why the move. There are numerous answers to that question. I’ll be posting in coming days my reasons for considering the change.

New Name

Some months ago my husband, Bob, began designing a structure which started out as an extension on the end of our back porch. The extension would be in the form of a tower reaching up toward our Douglas fir trees. Like all designs, and yes blog posts, it went through several iterations. We jokingly talked about who space it was going to be and for what purpose.

Time for a Change

Having spent several months working from my recliner in our family room and still struggling with the comfort level of my office chair, I decided a change of scenery would be in order. I was further tempted by the fact that Bob’s design had turned into a writing space for me opposite our bedroom in the back yard. Here are a couple of examples of his handy workmanship on a difficult design. I still wonder what he was thinking when he drew this up as a hexagonal structure.   Several names were tossed around for this space–riter’s retreet (Bob), writing house (holdover from the days I spent in the Willamette Writers house), and then somehow we settled on The Writing Studio. Hence, the name for my site going forward. I want this to be my home as well as yours. A place where we can come together, share a cup of coffee or tea, and talk writing, words, books, or needy places in our souls. Hoping you’ll visit often.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to …

  1. Love your new site, Sherrey. The clean look is refreshing. Hate to say I’m envious of your writing studio, but it would be wonderful to have something similar.

    1. Joan, my first comment on the new site! Thanks for being brave and jumping in. This has been a great experience and I’m going to share more soon as to why I chose Squarespace. I may soon switch over to Disqus comments, but in an upcoming post I’ll explain why I started out using the platform’s comment forms.
      Thanks for being my first commenter, and keep dreaming about having a writing studio.

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful new homes, Sherrey! I love your new website and am drooling over your writing studio. Clearly your time away was not wasted. You turned your suffering into art. I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts. It’s so nice having you back –with a healing back. Onward!

    1. Hello dear friend, thanks for the double congratulations! Thanks for your comments on the webstie and studio. Your words, "You turned your suffering into art," touched me. I’m working on a schedule of posts relating to my time away, what to do with days where nothing comes together, the site building, the studio, and more. Yes, onward!

  3. The new construction speaks love. The hexagonal shape suggests harmony and balance, all good attributes for the writing life.
    Our new home has a writing studio facing a nature preserve. But sometimes a sneak into Cliff’s art studio with an east facing set of windows just for a change.
    I look forward to seeing the interior of this special space – all in good time of course.You’re off to a fresh start. Onward and upward.

    1. Dear Marian, such kind and loving words. Bob and I both enjoyed your interpretation of the studio. It shall be kept and somehow incorporated into a piece of art for the studio.
      I’m a bit jealous of your view of a nature preserve. We were with friends yesterday who have an incredible view of Mt. Hood and live in a nice secluded and quiet space.
      Photos of the interior will definitely come as they are available. Yes, it’s a fresh start for my mind and my body. Onward and upward indeed!

        1. How delightful to be included alongside such famous names and spaces! Thank you, Marian, for your beautiful post and your thoughtfulness.

    1. Thank you, my friend! I’m looking forward to the newness of it all and getting back to writing but in a new way. More about that later.

    1. Hello dear Madeline, thanks for stopping by and leaving your stamp of approval. Your encouragement and support continue to shore me up. Thank you!

  4. Yummy! Thanks for the delicious tea. I’m ready to talk about the power of writing your life story.

    1. Flora, you made my day with this comment! Felt like you were sitting across from me for sure. The power of writing life story? Immense!

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